PG&E rates are rising again. Are you ready for higher electricity bills for your household?
Let’s work together to make sure that does not happen.

Slash your PG&E bills by over 70% by making smart energy choices. Let American Solar, the Bay Area’s leading SUNPOWER partner, show you how easy it really is. Tell us how much you spend on electricity, and you are on your way to a permanent solution that will save you serious money.

Please fill out the energy workbook before your free consultation. It will help you discover how PG&E rates drive your costs upwards, and how you can slash your bill without spending a penny. With American Solar and Ygrene, solar savings are a click away.


What you will get from your free consultation:

  • A thorough overview of your electric usage and how you are getting charged
  • How your energy bill gets so expensive.
  • Why you don’t need utility power.
  • Energy options to power your home.
  • How to get cheap, clean energy by using other people’s money.

Bay Area Home Energy Workbook explains PG&E rates and rate hikes


American Solar is dedicated to building home energy systems that never quit, year in and year out. Remember:

A SUNPOWER system from American Solar will slash your energy cost by 75%.
A SUNPOWER system from American Solar can eliminate your utility bill.
A SUNPOWER system from American Solar is warrantied for 25 years.
A SUNPOWER system from American Solar will work for 45–50 years.
American Solar is a specialist on architectural integration for great esthetics.
SUNPOWER and American Solar offer bulletproof warranties.

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