Cost is a persistent worry in the non-profit and public sectors. Whether you are a local school, a house of worship, a yacht club or a US Coast Guard station, finding ways to run your organization smarter is critical. Solar is an effective tool to reduce operating costs.

A well designed, high-quality solar PV system will deliver energy at one low, fixed rate for the lifetime of the system. It can save your institution 10–60% of your current energy costs, depending on how your choose to acquire it. With SUNPOWER you get superior technology, performance, and build quality. Most importantly, you get a system that is warrantied, bumper to bumper, for 25 years, for complete peace of mind.

American Solar has the expertise you need to navigate your solar project through committee and board approval processes, not to mention local, state and federal agencies. We help you design, finance, and build a system that fits your financial situation, and capitalizes on your regulatory opportunities. The benefits are many. Cost savings, public relations windfalls and financing/sponsorship options put solar in the must-have category for non-profit and public sector organizations. Please contact us today. Learn more about how solar can save your organization large amounts of money, and provide financial headroom to maximize your level of service.

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