An air source heat pump is an excellent choice for providing year-round heating and cooling for both commercial and residential purposes. Not only efficient and reliable, it is also very affordable when compared to other types of heating systems. When combined with a solar PV system, an air source heat pump can be up to 70% more cost effective than natural gas.

The Thermodynamic Principle

An air source heat pump works on the thermodynamic principle: it transforms the latent heat contained in the outside air to heat energy, which in turn can be used for heating a building or for generating hot water. In heating mode it absorbs heat from the outside and transfers it indoors to heat the building. In cooling mode it expels the heat within the building to provide cooling.

The efficiency of an air source heat pump is determined by its COP (Coefficient of Performance). For instance, if the COP of your heating system is 3, your heat pump generates 3 units of energy for each unit of electricity it uses to operate.

Air Source Heat Pump for Pool Heating
When combined with power leveraged from a solar PV system, a heat pump is the most economical, safe and trouble-free way to heat your pool. Heat pumps are easy to own and operate. They are very quiet, and virtually silent at a ten foot distance. Combining a solar PV system with a heat pumps offers about 70% less cost than natural gas heating and provides a 100% fuel-less solution.

Two Heat Pumps