Having installed battery backup systems since 2007, American Solar is one of the few companies in the United States with real expertise in the design and integration of grid-tied solar systems with battery backup.

An energy storage system is a robust solution to a home’s critical power needs. It is more complex than a traditional grid-tied solar PV system, but allows the solar PV system to operate during a blackout by creating an artificial grid. A solar system with battery backup is designed to run critical energy loads such as lighting, security, access systems, medical equipment and refrigeration.

The energy storage system’s power management feature keeps the batteries at optimal charge until they are needed. In the event of a blackout, emergency house loads automatically switch to battery in 1/40th of a second. The solar PV system will detect the artificial grid created by the battery system, and will continue to operate. The system is designed to back up the most important power circuits in your home, and engineered to ensure that these circuits will have continuous and adequate power.

American Solar will work with you from design to installation to determine system size and capacity. American Solar can create a fully integrated and managed solution that combines multiple platforms (solar, wind, thermal, etc.).

Examples of battery backup systems can be seen in our project gallery.