Smart homeowners, businesses, and non-profits achieve massive energy cost savings with SUNPOWER solar panels from American Solar.


As the leading clean energy company in Northern California, we design and install SUNPOWER solar panels, best-in-class energy storage systems, heat pumps, and Chargepoint car charging systems to fully satisfy your home or business energy needs.


American Solar uses state-of-the-art, highest-quality components to ensure the bulletproof, high level performance that you expect from your clean energy system. All our designs and installations are based on a deep understanding of our customers’ requirements, a continuous pursuit of innovation and design excellence, and 30 years of construction experience.

A complete understanding of what’s possible with today’s technology, a holistic design approach, and meticulous installation practices ensure bulletproof system performance, improved economy, and superior aesthetics. With SUNPOWER solar panels supplemented by best-of-class components, you can be confident that your clean energy system will perform to expectations for decades to come.


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